Year-Round Engagements

Collaborating to Advance Higher Education in Africa.


What makes the Education Collaborative unique is the commitment to facilitating on-going system change among the institutions we engage. These follow-up projects seek to benefit the collaborators’ institutions and promote unity and partnership amongst African Universities. Projects are either joint partnerships between two or more participating institutions, or sole projects with support from other co-collaborators.  

Year-round engagements are the collaborations and projects initiated by members of the Education Collaborative network post the face-to-face workshops and conference. It highlights how participants are applying the techniques co-designed and/or introduced at the Education Collaborative June events attended, or acquired through mentorship and and projects with fellow collaborative members. Institutions are directly impacted by reforms such as Curriculum Design Consultations, Training Workshops, Curriculum Development, Policy & Strategy Implementation, Research Partnerships, and Classroom Techniques.


Collaborative Webinar Series

The bi-weekly webinars are a series of online sessions where faculty and administrators from Ashesi and other universities within the network share details on successful techniques for university administration, teaching and learning. Webinars are organized around predetermined monthly themes that cover areas from admissions through to student services and teaching/learning, and career services. Participants  receive tips, advice, tried methods, and resources to set up or evaluate programs in these areas in their institutions.

Customized Workshops and Training

Workshops and training sessions organised by the Education Collaborative and other universities within the network. Led by faculty and staff from Ashesi and collaborators within the network, these training sessions are tailored to the needs of each institution. 

Requested by institutions within the network, the customized on and off-campus workshops facilitated by Ashesi faculty and staff, are based on themes and topics selected by the asking institution. 

Collaborators within the network organize peer training workshops at their respective institutions’ based on content learned at the collaborative.