High School Engagement

Ashesi-before-Ashesi: Exploring ways to engage secondary level institutions to educate ethical, entrepreneurial, and critical thinking leaders pre-college

The mission is to develop a network of secondary-level academic institutions and prepare their students for higher education and the future of work. This is achieved in association with Ashesi University and other institutions in The Education Collaborative’s network. The vision is that students will develop critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and a love for their continent earlier in their education; that they will be exposed to business, entrepreneurship, science, technology, and robotics for early career exploration and overall leave secondary school ready for university and beyond. Programs are developed by Ashesi and its partner institutions in collaboration with participating secondary schools. 

Teacher Training Engagements

Our Teacher Development Program seeks to build a network of pre-tertiary teachers who use innovative teaching approaches to shape students into critical thinkers capable of taking on future leadership and problem-solving roles. Through creative training seminars, workshops, and virtual information-sharing platforms, teachers learn and share tools and innovative teaching styles to improve lessons and students’ learning outcomes. Teachers also participate in annual faculty convenings.

Student Engagement Programs

Student engagement programs are delivered through an innovative curriculum developed by Ashesi and partner institutions and customized in collaboration with participating secondary schools. They take the form of mentorships, peer-sharing, case studies, and thought-provoking challenges. In the end, students become more aware of themselves and are equipped as lifelong changemakers in their societies, right from high school.

Uniprep exposes students to all the possibilities of higher education, careers, and advancement. Areas include developing self-awareness, learning strategies for college success, developing a growth mindset, and exploring careers. Uniprep targets students in their final year of secondary school.

Leadership in Ethics uses mentoring, Giving Voice to Values content, clubs, and short courses to assist students with leadership tools and build ethical action.

Tech Innovations exposes students to new technologies (robotics, coding, artificial intelligence, drones, and virtual reality) to build competence in using technology for problem-solving and expose them to multiple STEM career options.

Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship uses challenges, competitions, and hackathons to build students’ curiosity to identify problems, become critical thinkers, and creatively develop sustainable solutions that promote empathy, for the development of their communities.

High School Leaders Mentorship

Designed for principals, heads of department, boards and senior teachers. Through the School Leaders Mentorship Program, The Education Collaborative provides customized mentorship and consultative solutions to lead secondary school administrators and staff towards greater effectiveness and enriched learning experiences for students. We assist institutions in strategic planning, fundraising, curriculum review, marketing and brand positioning, capacity training, research, and campus culture development.