Our Theory of Change

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The Education Collaborative seeks to lead a convening of institutions in Africa, with the core purpose of educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders and to cultivate within students, the required skills needed to transform the continent. Through an affiliation of institutions across Sub Saharan Africa, we will transform over 1.1 million students to be ethical, entrepreneurial leaders who create jobs, transform industries and lead economies, by 2030. To achieve this, a 10-year Strategy has been prepared to guide our program’s implementation. Based on this strategy, a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework and theory of change has been developed.

The Education Collaborative’s theory of change is a visualization of how we have defined our expected outcomes from the short, medium to long-term, and the key resources required to achieve them. It is a hypothesized series of changes that are expected to occur in the Education Collaborative Program because of specific interconnected actions undertaken with institutional affiliates. It highlights the pathways of change that interplay to produce interrelated levels of results, which culminate in the achievement of our long term goal (impact)- a transformed higher educational ecosystem that contributes to socio-economic development in Africa.

How we drive change

Mentorships and Consultations


Innovative models and blueprints

Grounded on the values of collaboration, ethics, leadership and community, the Collaborative prioritizes providing the mentorship, support, and funding that higher education institutions will need to build lasting systems as centers of excellence on the continent.

How we view impact

Direct Service

Impact is internal to Exemplar institution

Scaled Direct Service

Impact is within institution’s sphere of influence; through mentorships and cross-institutional consultations

Systems Change

Impact spreads externally from the institution to their region; on policy and regulations

Framework Change

Impact is collective across regions and continent-wide; on policy and regulations

Driving our impact (Progress towards change)

Participants Engaged

Organizations Engaged

Number of HEIs