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The Open Network

Through the Open Network, participating institutions and members  engage with one another through a series of activities, workshops, and programs targeted at helping meet their institutional goals.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) are workgroups of educators, administrators, experts, and other stakeholders in Africa’s higher education sector. CoP workgroups leverage members’ collective competencies to deliver practical, transformative solutions within their campuses and organizations.

Annual Convening in June

Our Annual Convening is the central platform for all stakeholders in African higher-ed to share innovative resources and strategies for the advancement of the sector. Held annually in June at Ashesi University, the week-long event harnesses the collective expertise of institutions and educators on ways to create an educational system that supports Africa’s development agenda.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a learning management system that offers curated and practical proven techniques in teaching, learning, and administration from Ashesi University and member institutions  in Africa. Courses are structured to support self-paced learning and are available on subscription upon registration with The Education Collaborative.