GVV Call for Stories and Experiences

Requirements for stories submitted (GVV Case Checklist):

1. The story should detail a values conflict situation you faced. Some conflicts involve genuine disagreements but do not have a strong values or ethics dimension. Values are core beliefs you hold about big questions of right and wrong, fairness, justice, and what has value and worth.

2. The story should be connected in some way to either an educational or professional setting, depending on the experience being submitted.

3. You can use the questions below to guide the story that you share:

a. What is the value at stake?
b. How did you react to the situation, and how did it affect you?
c. What did you do, and why?
d. What was the outcome of this experience and your actions in response to it? How did it affect you? Others? And the organization of interest (if it’s school or work?)