Faculty & Administrators Workshop

The Annual Faculty & Administrator Workshop

This 3-and-half-day residential workshop convenes faculty and administrators to share best practices, research, and expertise in teaching and university administration, and gain a preview into the elements of Ashesi University’s unique approach. Drawing on values of collaboration and innovation, the workshop includes plenaries and sessions on practical tools in classroom management, faculty-administrator collaborations, and hands-on techniques for developing the whole student. Sessions are case-driven and reflective of the experiences and challenges of faculty and administrators across campuses in Africa. Participants actively share what they are doing at their institutions, and seek greater understanding and clarifications from colleagues and experts by questioning and contributing ideas and experiences. Each moment of the workshop experience is designed to model an inclusive modern-day university campus experience. The goal is that each participant and institution present commits to developing further and implementing a set of practical tools or techniques once they return home.

Participants engage in:

  • Plenary sessions that explore integrated systems of academics and out of classroom competencies for student development and wholeness 
  • Workshop sessions for personal and professional growth in individuals’ core practice area
  • Exclusive networking events 

At the workshop, I realized a lot of things I had not fully considered before.

Workshop Attendee