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The Research CoP is a workgroup dedicated to building tools and acquiring the know-how to create and sustain institutional and system support that develops an applied research ecosystem in African  HEIs. The workgroup designs playbooks, training programs, curriculums, practical resources, and engages in actual research.

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What are CoPs?

Our Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of educators, industry professionals and individuals developing best practices, innovations, and improving outcomes in ethics and leadership, entrepreneurship and employability across the network. 

How do I become a part of a CoP?

There are three distinct Communities of Practices: Ethics and leadership, Entrepreneurship and Employability. Please fill out our interest form. You may also contact the Education Collaborative team for any clarification at 

How many CoPs can I join?

While we encourage active engagement across the entire Education Collaborative community, we advise members to join no more than two Communities of Practice every calendar year.

What will I do in a CoP?

Participants commit to membership in the community of practice, meeting times and goals agreed on by each community member. Members develop group projects, a plan for assessing projects and executing projects to achieve targets set.

How much time will participation require?

Members determine meeting schedules and structure. Communities of Practice generally meet quarterly, depending on the scope of their work and availability.

What kind of funding is available for each of the groups?

Funding is available for projects emerging from the Communities of Practice, based on availability.

General Info

This workgroup aims at developing a research ecosystem in Africa higher education institutions to conduct applied research under the African Union Agenda 2063. 

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Work with researchers, innovation managers, and administrators to hone research collaborations and share best practices for discipline-specific research to solve problems in Africa.

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