Collaborative Webinar Series

Faculty and administrators from Ashesi and other universities within the network share details on successful techniques for university management, administration, and teaching and learning under monthly themes.

Our Webinars

September Webinars

Thematic Area: Career Services and Development

For September, the webinars focused on setting up career services departments. The webinar provided guidelines, tips, advice, and resources for all participants  who desired to develop or add onto their institution’s career services department. 

  • Corporate Counsel and Employers forum
  • Experiential Learning Experience 
  • Developing a Career Curriculum
  • How to set up Career Fairs

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October Webinars

Thematic Area: Academic Advising & Counselling

For the month of October, the webinars  focused on topics under Academic advising and counselling & coaching for freshmen. Participants  received tips, advice, tried processes, and resources to set up or develop academic advising departments and counselling for freshmen.

  • Advising for first year students & making decisions with data
  • Proactive strategies for working with probationary students
  • Creating a syllabus for academic advising
  • Approaches to academic advising

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November Webinars

Thematic Area: Teaching techniques  for University Classrooms

For November, the webinars focused on diverse topics on teaching techniques for University Classrooms. Participants received tips, advice, tried methods, and resources to develop teaching methods for classroom engagement.

  • Steps for setting up a Counselling & Coaching Department 
  • Using online tools for student engagement
  • Effective classroom techniques for tertiary Institutions
  • Cross-Institutional research for students

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December Webinars

For December, the webinar will focus on innovative ways to build a research culture in African institutions. 

  • Innovative ways to build a research culture in your institution


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