The Collaborative Webinar series is a weekly online forum for sharing and
learning successful techniques for university management, administration,
and teaching and learning.

Led by facilitators who led sessions at the Faculty and Administrator workshop, the webinars dive deeper into content from the workshop sessions and provide first-hand tools, resources, and successful practices to
participants who desire to set up, develop, or improve upon their departments, offices and classroom engagement. The webinars are organized around a monthly thematic area in university management, administration, teaching, and learning. Each month, weekly webinars are scheduled to treat topics selected by the facilitators under the theme.

The first set of webinars held in September centered on Career Services
. Facilitated by Abigail Welbeck, Director of Career Services at
Ashesi University, participants were guided through the systems and practices Ashesi’s career department employs. For the month of October, the webinars will focus on topics under Academic Advising, Counselling & Coaching for freshmen. Participants will learn the detailed practices around academic advising and counseling at Ashesi. They will share and receive tips, tried processes, and resources to set up academic and non-academic support systems for their students.

Calendar for October webinars

The webinars are open to educators in and out of the Education Collaborative network, and interested participants can sign up via the webinar registration link. Proceedings from webinars are documented and published through the network’s media channels and serve as a practical guide to implement tried and successful practices from African higher education. View summaries from past webinars.