CollaboratING to Advance Higher Education in Africa

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The mission is to build a network of exemplar institutions that share meaningful insight, stimulate engagement around relevant content, and empower individuals and groups in Africa to transform themselves, their surroundings and ultimately, the continent.




Our vision is improved educational systems and outcomes on the African continent, spurred by an institutional and collective effort to achieve systemic transformation. 

To this end, the Collaborative programs and engagements contextualize the development and delivery of exemplary education in Africa.

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Our Collaborators

African Development University

Palm Institute

Accra Technical University

Our Workshops

The 2019 Education Collaborative Conference

The 2019 gathering focused on Africa’s growing population and the role of higher education in helping the continent harness this growth for economic gain. Engaging University leaders, faculty and administrators, this year’s convening welcomed 20 institutions, both public and private…

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The 2018 Education Collaborative Workshop 

This 2018 program sought to explore how contexts unique to Africa, and the technology available, impact the feasibility and adoption of new teaching and facilitation techniques. The week-long session brought together faculty, staff, and administrators from across the continent…

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2017 Inaugural conference

From June 4 – June 9, 2017, Staff, faculty, and administrators from 12 tertiary institutions in and beyond Africa participated in the inaugural Education Collaborative – an idea-sharing platform for education leaders and stakeholders in Africa led by Ashesi… 

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“Universities emerge because there’s a public commitment to them… There needs to be a table around which we can sit, and collaborate so that we can create initiatives which will be transformative, and they will obviously have that potential.”
– Philip Clay, Former MIT Chancellor, TED Talk 2015